5 reasons to travel when you are young

A fun method of learning
People who read books learned less about a place than who travelled. You get the opportunity to see a place with your eyes. You hear the sounds and experience the weather. You can explore as much as you want. You do not have to get bored. You may have seen a photo of a place such as the Eiffel Tower, but when you see it is a whole new beauty. You can learn interesting things. You can see new types of trees. You probably never saw a Dragon Blood tree or a Rainbow Eucalyptus.

You are physically fit
You can try swinging from a canyon. It is an intense activity, but it is safe. You can try bungee jumping and hang gliding. If you are planning to for travelling in an area full of cliffs, you can ride your bike there. Riding a motorcycle on a cliff is a fun activity, only young people can perform. You can camp on a cliff or do cliff jumping. You are in perfect shape to do any of these activities. There are many sites where you have to walk for hours like the Tanah Lot temple.

You will not regret
The earth is at risk of earthquakes due to climatic changes. Many people planned to see the Kathmandu temple in Nepal which is now damaged by the quake. Plan holidays while the site still exists or else you will regret later on.

You will save money
After few years, you save money for family and children. You will not want to spend money on travel. You will have a lot of restrictions before you can go to any place because you will have your spouse and children.

You can adapt
You can go on eating weird foods which your parents may fail to eat. You can sleep on a small bed or the floor. You can become friends with unknown people. You can get student discounts in many places. These are some of the reasons why you should travel when you are young.